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Shining a spotlight on high school entrepreneurs and innovators across Montana.

Celebrate Innovation

The Teenpreneur Roundup is an annual online competition to celebrate and reward high school students who exhibit entrepreneurial spirit and business savvy. Students submit their ideas for innovative products or services that address problems in their lives, opportunities they see to improve their communities, or a profitable business they already operate. A team of business specialists volunteer to evaluate student submissions and Governor Bollock hosts an award luncheon at the Capitol during which prizes are distributed.

Since 2017, the Roundup has distributed $5,000 in prize money and provided accelerated entrepreneurship training to Teenpreneurs across Montana. In 2019, 87 students from 13 schools submitted 44 businesses. See the top scoring submissions here.


All high school students who are enrolled in a diploma-granting institution or Montana HiSET program, and those who are home schooled are eligible to enter the contest.  Students can enter in teams or as individuals.  Students affiliated with clubs like BPA, DECA, FCCLA, FFA or with community organizations like 4-H, Boy & Girl Scouts are encouraged to submit ideas they are already developing for their club's entrepreneurship and business-related competitions. Or, their clubs may already be running small businesses as fundraising ventures. Why not win two awards for one outstanding idea!

Students or Student teams will create a Video Pitch and a Business Summary detailing their business. The video may not be longer than 2-minutes, and the summary must follow our template and contain no more than 1,000 words.


CATEGORY 1—NEW BUSINESS IDEA: We are looking for students with innovative ideas for new products or services that have the potential to improve our lives. It doesn't matter if the idea is serious or whimsical as long as it is an innovative solution to a contemporary problem.

CATEGORY 2—EXISTING BUSINESS: We are looking for students who already run small businesses. Some do it to earn spending money or money for college. Some do it as fundraising projects for their in-school or community-based clubs. It doesn't matter how small the existing business is. What matters is that you are already demonstrating your business savvy.

Cash prizes totaling $2,500 are awarded for the top businesses.

Submissions will be allowed between January 6 and February 21, 2020. The results will be announced in March 2020, and the Awards ceremony will be held in April. 


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